Fifteen years ago while still working in New York City as an entertainment attorney and artist manager, Harry J. Getzov  made a decision that would inevitably change his life's direction.  A longtime fan and student of Studs Terkel's oral history works, he decided to try a little experiment that would allow him to pursue a rediscovered passion. "I loved spending time with older people," Harry states, "so I simply started to visit with them in my spare time.  I began initially with family, friends, neighbors and business colleagues who then eagerly referred me to their family and friends. And I have been visiting with seniors ever since - lots of them." 

As Harry travels around the country, he visits with, and interviews, men and women from all walks of life - all of them over the age of 70. A short series of core questions serves as a conversation jump-off point, allowing respondents to talk freely about lessons learned and wisdom gained, as well as share their feelings about aging.
Over the course of my travels, people have often asked me if I would consider conducting private interviews of their moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandparents and special friends. I shied away from taking on these jobs, primarily because I was so busy traveling, interviewing, transcribing and writing the book. But, as it happens, part of my own "eldercation" development has prompted me to admit to myself that my truest joy experienced during this journey has been derived from my interviewing, and then writing about, the individuals, and then creating short video clips for the Eldercation website.  Now, with the development of "My Long Story Short," I have the opportunity to do what I love most doing andas a bonusI get to create books and videos for people and their families, so they can then share these special nuggets of wisdom withand actually speak directly tothe generations that are coming down-the-road.

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