“Harry J. Getzov is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting positive thinking about aging. His company, Eldercation, represents a ground-breaking movement that is inspiring people to change the way they think about aging and older people. Harry was a welcomed and engaging speaker when Vi hosted the South County Healthcare Alliance of Networking (SHAN) for their monthly meeting. His presentation, ‘The Perfect Storm,” was poignant, educational and entertaining all at the same time.  The packed house of health care professionals were captivated by his first-hand stories of the challenges of aging as told by hundreds of seniors that he has personally interviewed around the county. Harry is at ease talking with both seniors, as well as professionals, and he has become a principal educator on the subjects of inter-generational cultural experiences, and the emerging generation of new seniors. I will definitely partner with Harry again.” — Rebecca Waldorf, Director of Community Relations; Vi at Lakeside Village, Lake Worth, FL

 "Harry was invited to speak to a select group of our customer base as part of our "Enlightened Women" series, and he was a huge hit. We had a very large turnout that day, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed Harry's presentation. With his use of photographs, quotes and video clips, folks enjoyed listening to Harry's stories, and they felt as though they were visiting with the seniors first-hand just as Harry experienced them during his interviews. I highly recommend Harry as a speaker. He delivers an inspiring message that needs to be heard more and more in the coming years."  Colene Israel, Vice-President; Northern Trust Securities, Inc., Vero Beach, FL 

“Harry is an outstanding speaker who captures his audience immediately. His warm personality and genuine passion are what draw you in. He is extremely knowledgeable—the product of years of relationship building, interviewing, listening and challenging the status quo. He is committed to unlocking the concept of ‘aging’ as a disadvantage, and is dedicated to refocusing attention to expose the value, treasures, and wisdom found within our seniors.  His interactive presentations and workshops are so successful because they spark positive thinking, and they always leave our residents with a healthier sense of well-being, acceptance and personal pride.  Harry has a way of making you just feel good about yourself.  His content is unique, and meticulously well planned.  As a Director, his programs bring a sophisticated and enlightened quality to our leisure programming.” Karen Delgado,  Activities Director; Carlisle Palm Beach, Lantana, FL

"Harry Getzov has a talent I have not seen in years.  His passion and love for seniors and what they offer the world was evident in his lecture at Park Summit. Harry was engaging and opened the eyes of the professionals who attended the breakfast/lecture fund raiser for the Alzheimer’s Association of South Florida Chapter.  He helped the Broward County professionals look at seniors in a positive way, sharing so much of his interviewing history and wonderful stories with all of us.   Every guest commented on how it helped them to change their perspective about older individuals, and how Harry genuinely speaks from the heart." Linda Gilchrist, Director of Sales and Marketing; Park Summit – A Five Star Senior Living Community, Coral Springs, FL 

"Harry Getzov 'gets' seniors. When Harry talks about his father, his nanny, or his elderly neighbor next door, he gushes. He has a genuine passion for learning the secrets seniors possess with the sole goal of sharing that knowledge with others. He realizes the value of the virtue of listening, and his likeable, carefree style encourages interaction.  In the words of one audience member, 'Harry is a true treasure. He doesn’t sweep in and tell us what we should be doing with the rest of our lives, he comes to encourage us to examine, appreciate and share the positive side of aging.'"  Tamara Sawicz, Lifestyles Director; Vi Senior Living, Lake Worth, FL

“What a pleasure to have learned so much from Harry Getzov when he was a guest at the Northwest Ohio Jewish Book Fair. He shared fabulous stories about the dynamic seniors he interviewed while researching his book, gOLD. But as an active listener and a wonderful conversationalist, he also encouraged our seniors—the jewels of the community—to share their stories. Harry's presentation is proof that everyone has something of value to say. Sometimes it's just a matter of asking the right questions.” Janet Rogolsky, Chair; Northwest Ohio Jewish Book Fair, Toledo, OH

“Harry Getzov was the key speaker at a meeting with Human Resource professionals where he shared his stories and experiences leading up to the creation of his book, gOLD.  He engages his audience with his passion and gives everyone food for thought, challenging us to examine our beliefs around aging.  Harry Getzov will not disappoint!" Becky Withstandley, Vice President-Compensation & Benefits Manager; Seacoast National Bank, Stuart, FL

“Harry is a magnificent speaker who brings wisdom, insight, and humor, to a topic that many choose to ignore – the aging population and the aging process.  His perspective on aging with dignity and living a full life is refreshing.  Harry makes his audiences think hard about some very prescient topics.” Stephen D. Dorrance, Executive Director; Treasure Coast Community Health Foundation, Vero Beach, FL

Harry Getzov is a marvelous and committed speaker, engaged and engaging. He has real passion for his subject matter, and he is a delight to plan and work with. He is wonderful communicator, and will leave your audiences/congregants with a wonderful glow, affirming the challenging but rich and rewarding stage of life that (hopefully) all of are lucky enough to reach. Readers of this testimonial may feel free to contact me for further information." Cantor Marshall Portnoy; Main Line Reform Temple Wynnewood, PA

Harry J. Getzov loves interacting with the elder population; there can be no mistaking that. When Harry speaks to our senior population, he engages them in a stimulating conversation.  In terms of the monthly presentations, he not only chooses, and then writes about, interesting subjects, but he then designs the programs in a compelling way (e.g. the music history and songwriting events)—folding in video and audio clips so the presentations are multifaceted and always interesting. Our residents genuinely look forward to the evening when Harry presents at our community. If you are looking for someone to deliver a top-notch event engaging in whole person wellness, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity of having Harry present within your communities. I highly recommend Harry, you will not be sorry!  Sami Bryant, Lifestyle 360 Director, Five Star Premier Residences, Boca Raton, FL    

“Harry was an excellent speaker for our community in Columbus, Ohio. His presentation was extremely well received, and his love and passion for the interview experiences with older people was evident. Harry engaged the audience with the writings from his book, and his delivery of the wonderful stories. Harry has a positive outlook on aging, and he shares it well with all who come to listen.” Debbie Vinocur, Adult & Senior Adult Program Director; The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus, Columbus, OH

“Harry did a terrific job when he spoke to a large audience at our "Secrets of Successful Aging for Baby Boomers And Their Parents" symposium. The only problem was that the waiting line to talk with him after the event was so deep, my husband and I couldn’t get to him to thank him, personally. Harry, thank you for your stories, your wisdom, and, most of all, thank you for being so supportive of a group that deserves special support. We hope to hear many more wonderful stories at future events." Roberta Grafman, R.N.; Sun Family Care - Geriatric Care Management, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Harry is a naturally gifted writer and speaker. He connects quickly and easily with his audience. Though he's had years of Toastmasters (international speaking club) training and experience, Harry's gift is to be engaging, entertaining and educational, as well as warm, friendly and neighborly. He is comfortable speaking in front of, and with, groups of all sizes, whether it be intimate gatherings, mid-size groups, or large audiences. You come away with the feeling you've been in conversation with a life-long friend. Delightful!" Colleen Kessler; Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach, Vero Beach, FL 

“Harry Getzov celebrated with us at the Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning's (at Indian River State College) annual volunteer recognition event, “The Goldies.” In celebration of our community, we decided to give each of our program leaders a copy of his award-winning book, gOLD, as a gift, to thank them for their time and talent. Our peer leaders are all volunteers sharing their vast life experiences with other lifelong learners -- living many of the incredible stories like those recorded in Harry's Eldercation writings. As our special evening’s keynote speaker, Harry inspired our lifelong learners with an upbeat and enjoyable message affirming that life after 50 is one great story, and an important part of our history.” Laura Kelley, Program Director; Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning, Indian River State College, Vero Beach, FL

 “We were delighted to have Harry Getzov as a plenary speaker at our national  Sexuality, Intimacy and Aging Conference. Sandwiched between two academic research presentations, Harry offered a welcome reminder of the older adults our conference participants serve through education, consulting, and advocacy. His dynamic presentation was well-paced and insightful, offering a delightful combination of emotionally moving, humorous, and educational elements.”   Melanie Davis, PhD, CSE, Conference Co-Chair and Co-President; Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University, Chester, PA

"I wanted to write regarding a stunning lecture Harry Getzov presented to our residents and family members recently at Whitehall Boca Raton Florida.  Harry is truly a incredible and brilliant speaker who captured every person's attention in the room who attended the lecture. Not only was the lecture stunning, but it was dynamic, as well. At the same time, Harry truly speaks from his heart and is just amazing.  I can't say enough about how fantastic the lecture was. The residents and family members were honestly thrilled. Thank you again Harry." Richard A.Dufour, Marketing Director; WhitehallBoca Raton, Boca Raton, FL

“Harry Getzov is an engaging speaker and gifted active listener.  His ability to extract stories from a generation who may not know they have so much to share is true talent.  Harry’s passion for the aging population is uplifting and refreshing to see in action.  Harry’s visit to our community is one that still has our residents talking.  Following his conversation, Harry was surrounded by residents thanking him for the respect and interest he has in their population.  We are eager for his next visit!" Amanda Bakal, Director of Resident Services; The Tradition of the Palm Beaches, (MorseLife), West Palm Beach, FL

“Harry is an engaging and relaxed speaker.  He is the son every mother hopes for; funny, sensitive, astute, receptive and aware.  His recounts of his past conversations with remarkable seniors are infused with the same energy apparently present during the original.  I can’t wait to invite him back!” — Stefano Maragioglio, Lifestyle Director – Allegro Senior Living, Stuart, FL

“Harry Getzov, author of “gOLD,” presented at Banyan Placeindependent living in Boca Ratonand captivated his audience with his stories of seniors and their life stories. Harry spoke with passion as he relayed his heartfelt honor, dignity, and respect for this aging segment of the population.  He related others’ life stories to his audience as he asked pointed questions and engaged the residents in the conversation. Although speaking in a group setting, Harry evoked a feeling of sitting at the kitchen table. It was refreshing to have a rapidly forgotten senior population brought front and center to share their stories of strength, hope, and wisdom.”  Beth Banes, CSA, Activities Director; Banyan Place, Boca Raton, FL 

“It was a pleasure having Harry Getzov presenting to my residents here at The Veranda Club. He was engaging and drew the residents into his discussion through direct interaction. The residents became part of the presentation because they felt included which made it that much more enjoyable for them. The material that Harry covered was absolutely relatable and current, and my residents quickly were able to identify with it which then lead to very good banter. It was certainly a delightful afternoon and my residents requested to have Harry return.” Edwin Cruz, Activities Director; The Veranda Club, (Capital Senior Living), Boca Raton, FL 

“I invited Harry Getzov to speak at our monthly Socialite dinner at HarborChase of Tamarac-Memory Care for a group of family caregivers of residents with Alzheimer's and dementia, and guest health care professionals.  It was large turnout and Harry engaged the audience with his interactive presentation based on his award-winning book, "gOLD: The Extraordinary Side of Aging Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations."  It is truly evident in the way Harry speaks to his "listeners" that he has a real passion for seniors.  Our audience was comprised of wide-range of age groups - from baby boomers to those in their "golden" years,  and Harry showed great sensitivity in his presentation. Simply put, Harry "gets" it. There is no doubt that he connected with our audience with his gestures, eye contact, humor and rapport.  He sparked conversation that extended beyond the presentation and continued throughout the dinner portion of the evening. This was my second time hearing Harry's presentation and, hopefully, it will not be my last.  I truly enjoyed this presentation and I also received wonderful feedback that included people asking when Harry will be back again. Thank you, Harry, for a delightful evening, which not only educated us, but inspired us as well. I will look for you to join us again next year!" Laurie J. Langholtz, MSW, Director of Sales; HarborChase of Tamarac - Memory Care, Tamarac, FL 

“Author and lecturer Harry Getzov is a delightful personality who captured the hearts and minds of the Abbey Delray residents with his presentation. Harry's facts and figures—in conjunction with his personal interviews of seniors from around the country—made the hour fly by!  We look forward to a rewarding ‘senior connection’ with Harry for years to come. Linda R. Lanson, Director of Community Life; Abbey Delray, Delray Beach, FL

"I met Harry several years ago when he had a speaking engagement in town. Harry is a bright, articulate and dynamic speaker.  Recently, I had asked him to speak at a lineage group to which I belong. We have ladies of various ages and everyone enjoyed his presentation.  Using some of his video material and his presentation, everyone could relate either by seeing themselves, or a friend or even their parents.  The ladies were asking questions and engaged in the presentation. Harry is such a great listener too.  After the presentation, many wanted to share a story about a parent or a friend.  If you are looking for an energetic and vibrant speaker, look no further than Harry Getzov!"  Laura Allen, President; Indian River Chapter, National Society Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, Vero Beach, FL